Bud the Miracle Dog

When I first met Bud on may 1, 2019 he presented as a 14 year olf Chihuahua with a long-term history of a medial luxating patella and Cushings-like symptoms. His immediate concern was neck pain and a paralyzed left front leg which left him falling over and unable to stand. His patella conditiona had worsened according to the owners. Another big concern was that he could not urinate or defecate easily. Upon examination, a disk pressing on a nerve in his neck was believed to the causing his leg paralysi. His kneecap was out of place almost all of the time. As a veterniary acupuncturist, I began acupuncture treatments on his neck and legs, then prescribed 2 Chinese herbal formulas. His owners also started giving him a high grade CBD oil from Hemp A Better Life…which I agreed was a great addition. I gave them instructions for Tui-na, a Chinese massage technique to perform on Bud’s neck and legs daily. They also used a new innovative Grooming/Massage professional tool, Curry on a Stik. After 1 week, Bud was able t ostand for his exam which was pretty remarkable. After 2 weeks of acupuncture treatments, herbs, Tui-na, and CBD, Bud was standing stronger and able to pee and poop normally on his own. On May 21st, I was excited to see Bud taking some steps and correcting his foot position on his own. At 4 weeks Bud really took off. He was walking and trotting on the grass on all 4 legs. Even his luxating patella was staying in place more of the time. This was truly amazing! To go from a completely paralyzed leg to a functional leg in one month had us all cheering. I believe that all components of his therapy worked well together to give Bud back his excellent quality of life.”

-Dr. Suzy Brannan, DVM, CA

A horses attitude, changed...

“Dr. John Langlois introduced me to his CBD product for a horse I got back off the track with some very negative ideas on excepting training routines and had become a handful to do any gate work with. After being on the CBD for about 2 weeks I noticed quite a turn around in overall attitude. He is currently training well and is excepting the gate work better. I would definitely recommend this product for getting a horse back to being a good and happy horse“

-Benny Betts, Tb Trainer, OJC