CBD For Horses

CBD For Your Horses: What You Need to Know
The bond between horse and rider is a strong one. After all, it takes communication and trust in order to work together, be it at a show or just around the ranch. When your equine partner works just as hard as you do, you want to care for them in the best ways possible.

Hemp and its derivatives have become a popular product on the market in the last few years. While many people may have heard about hemp and CBD, few are aware of the many possible uses it may have to offer you and your horse. Like any new product to arrive on the scene, there’s always some questioning about its uses and safety.

At Hemp A Better Life, we’re ardent supporters of CBD oil for horses and other pets. Our premium CBD products can be added to your horse’s diet and routines as an supplement to their quality of life. Here’s what you should know about this cannabis compound for your horse.


What Is CBD?

This compound is derived from the cannabis family of plants. Cannabidiol is just one of many cannabinoids present in hemp. This compound can be mixed and blended with other ingredients to create a wide variety of products, including drops, pellets, salves, and capsules. When used effectively and alongside vet-recommended treatment options, CBD could play a positive role in elevating your horse’s life.

CBD interacts with a part of the nervous system in animals called the Endocannabinoid System. Within the ECS is a series of receptors that utilize CBD. These are the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors. These are some of the most common receptors in the brain.

The Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana:

We’ve all heard the phrase “high horse,” but most horse owners would agree that a stoned horse is never a good thing. It’s understandable then that some might feel hesitant about any products derived from cannabis.

But cannabis is simply the name for a whole family of plants. While both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants, they couldn’t be more different.

It’s important to recognize that the chemical makeup of each plant is very different. Marijuana is widely known, infamous really, for the compound THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the cannabis compound that leaves people feeling “stoned” after they ingest it. It’s psychoactive and isn’t safe for horses to consume. Hemp, on the other hand, is an excellent source of CBD. CBD actually counteracts the psychoactive properties of CBD and promotes a feeling of centeredness in humans and horses. So no, CBD won’t get your horse “high.”

Also important is the use of these products. In large part, marijuana is used by humans for recreational and medical purposes. However, the uses for hemp are nearly endless and growing seemingly every day. Hemp seeds are a great food source for horses and people, it can be pressed into an oil, made into fabrics and plastics, and of course, can be made into helpful CBD products.

There are also legal distinctions between hemp and marijuana. Federally, marijuana is a schedule 1 drug, meaning that it is illegal for individuals to grow, own, or use it. In some states, different rules allow individuals to purchase marijuana for recreational or medical use. Conversely, hemp and its products are legal at a federal level. This is thanks to major pieces of legislation like the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills. Hemp is legal to grow, cultivate, make into products like tinctures, and use in all 50 states unless state law says otherwise.

Product features

All of our products are made with top quality, Certified Organic carrier oils, sourced responsibly and sustainably, and all ingredients are from trusted suppliers. And most importantly, we grow and use our own Organically-grown hemp!

All ingredients and formulations are 100% human-grade! Because we follow CGMPs for human dietary supplement manufacturing, we can say this with certainty.

Our hemp-infused products are made with our own *Full-spectrum hemp extract which Strain-specific, organically-grown Colorado hemp.

All ingredients and products are tested through 3rd parties! We test every batch to ensure it meets potency specifications, and purity, so you can rest assured, you are getting exactlly what you pay for!


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